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8 Foods To Lower High Blood Sugar Naturally | 40% OFF Only For 50+ Years Old



8 Foods To Lower High Blood Sugar Naturally | 40% OFF Only For 50+ Years Old


In this revised and expanded edition you will learn what peer-reviewed research published in top medical journals has to say about:

  • What is a normal blood sugar?
  • How does diabetes develop?
  • What really causes diabetes?
  • What blood sugar levels cause complications?
  • Must you deteriorate?
  • What diet is right for you?
  • How can you make that diet work?
  • What medications are safe?
  • What supplements lower blood sugar?
  • What kinds of exercise are best?

Written in clear and understandable language, this book provides all the tools you need to understand how your blood sugar works. The time-tested techniques you will learn from it will enable you to lower your blood sugar to the truly normal levels that prevent or reverse complications and restore normal health.

“…this book should be read by all diabetics because of the valuable material that cannot be found elsewhere.” –Dr. Richard K. Bernstein


From the Author

This completely revised and updated second edition of my bestseller, Blood Sugar 101, is 40 pages longer than the previous edition. The new content includes sections that answer the most common questions readers have emailed me about since the first edition was published.
In it you’ll find discussions about new topics like what research has learned about dietary and surgical approaches to reversing diabetes that differ from the one we concentrate on. You’ll also learn more about when to test, how to test, how to interpret you blood sugar test results, safe exercise strategies, and the use of insulin. Since many new drugs have come onto the market since the first edition was published, this new edition has a greatly expanded section on diabetes drugs, too.

This is the first of a two book series, the “Blood Sugar 101 Library.” The second volume is Your Diabetes Questions Answered, published in 2017. It amplifies and extends the information found in this blook using a more informal question and answer format.

About the author

Jenny Ruhl

Jenny Ruhl, a well-known author of business books, was diagnosed with diabetes in 1998. Nothing doctors told her about how to control her blood sugar corresponded to her own experiences and observations. To answer the questions “What causes diabetes” and “What blood sugars prevent complications” she dug into the medical journals newly available online and spent a year tracking down the facts. The result was the bloodsugar101.com web site which has hosted many millions of visitors over the years.

She is a strong supporter of the The “Test, Test, Test” strategy for lowering blood sugar. It embodies a highly effective strategy pioneered by the members of the alt.support.diabetes newsgroup in the early 2000s. Over the years she has heard from many hundreds of people who have used that technique to bring their A1cs down into the 5% range that research shows will prevent diabetic complications. More importantly, those who have used the tools she gives her readers report that her moderate approach allows them to keep their blood sugars there year in and year out.

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