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8 Ways To Treat Erectile Dysfunction Naturally



8 Ways To Treat Erectile Dysfunction Naturally


Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a thief. ED takes away physical and emotional intimacy. ED steals your confidence in the bedroom. ED robs you of your manhood. ED walks off with your self-esteem. ED has the potential to destroy lives, and end relationships. Here’s a surprising fact, the sudden onset of ED can save your life. Frequently, ED is early warning signal of current or future cardiovascular problems. In Everything You Never Wanted to Know about Erectile Dysfunction and Penile Implants: End Your Silence, Sadness, Suffering, and Shame, help men and couples recognize and overcome the roadblocks to seeking help with ED. They guide men and couples through the depression, grief and the inevitable relational conflicts when coping with ED. They set couples on a path to discover healthy ways to think about, talk about, or cure erectile dysfunction. Rick and Brenda share their four-year journey with ED, and the intimate details about their experiences with penile implant surgery.


Editorial Reviews


“The subtitle of this book reads: End Your Silence, Sadness, Suffering, and Shame. It is a huge promise, and what is astonishing is that Rick and Brenda Redner deliver what they promise in the title of their work in an amazing way.” (5 stars) Readers’ Favorite Review

“Reading Rick and Brenda’s story has been very eye-opening. It is definitely a worthy read for any man struggling with ED and for couples looking to support each other through it all so they can put intimacy back into their relationship.” (5 stars)Readers’ Favorite Review

Rick Redner’s book is the best of it kind, and possibly the only one. Excellent reading for any man who is dealing with Erectile Dysfunction, considering an implant or has already gone through the procedure. The book covers many of the concerns that men experience when dealing with ED: physically, emotionally, and spiritually. The author provides alternatives to handling the questions that can plague men whether they’ve had prostate surgery, or not.  He offers up personal experiences that can be helpful in decision-making and are relatable to men dealing with similar considerations. His technique is honest and forthcoming.  I felt like I was having a conversation with the man, as well as with his wife. The book offers support and offers online suggestions that men can check out to further research their individual cases. Personally, I’ve had the penile implant for about a year now. I wish the book had been available to me before my surgery.
A Survivor

Jointly written by Rick and his wife, this book tells their story living through the extreme highs and lows of prostate cancer, survival, surgery, impotence, Erectile Dysfunction (ED) and eventually Penile Implant. Rather than focusing solely on his own experience, Redner’s deep research in the subject is clearly apparent, and he writes with an authority and surety that lends credibility almost immediately. The personal anecdotes mixed with straightforward advice and wisdom give the book a distinctly narrative feel. Rick Redner and his wife are talented writers and courageous survivors who are willing to share their experiences. The writing is striking in its frank, delicate handling of complex emotions, and a positive attitude, revealing a true sensitivity within the author and an inherent desire to write for the benefit of others.
SPR Book Review

Here’s  a link which allows you to access many professional and personal review of Everything You Never Wanted to Know About Erectile Dysfunction and Penile Implants readersfavorite.com/book-review/everything-you-never-wanted-to-know-about-erectile-dysfunction-and-penile-implants

From the Author

There is a destructive belief about erectile dysfunction that’s  powerful enough to ruin your life and your relationships. In fact, it’s such a powerful belief, it will affect how you think, how you function, and how you live. Most men come to believe ED has taken away their manhood at some point in their journey with ED. I can assure you that nothing constructive comes from believing you are no longer a man.                                                                                                       I spent too much of my time believing I’d lost my manhood. I also believed my wife would be better off without me, Thankfully, she never believed that, though I’ve heard from men whose partners broke up with them as a direct result of their inability to maintain an erection. I didn’t want to live with erectile dysfunction for the rest of my life. I was blessed to stumble on a surgery that cures erection dysfunction-penile implant surgery.Surgery is not an option for every man facing life-long impotence. It’s one option. Another is to redefine your definition of manhood and discover new ways to enjoy your sexuality. Reading our book will help you decide which is the right option for you.

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