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Quickly Remove Your Skin Tags | Skin Tags Removal In 10 Days



Quickly Remove Your Skin Tags | Skin Tags Removal In 10 Days


  • 【Mild and Non Irritating】 – Our oil adopts a unique molecular packaging technology, which will not cause a large number of ingredients to accumulate on the skin surface, and can gently remove the waste cutin layer, thus effectively reducing white milia on the face or body.
  • 【Refreshing but not Greasy】 – Our oil treatment care adopts a scientific and light formula, which is easy to absorb, refreshing and not greasy, and does not worry about blocking pores and causing burden on the skin.
  • 【Professional and Safety】 – This oil was developed by a professional team, reaching the level of medical cosmetics, and passed a number of safety tests for safe use.
  • 【Natural Formula】 – This oil is made of Olive extract,Vitamin C,Vitamin E, Jojoba Seed Oil,ect and other natural ingredients. Therefore, it is cruel, hypoallergenic and suitable for all skin types.
  • 【Improve Skin Condition】 – Our oil treatment can effectively dredge pores, moisturize and brighten the skin, help the skin to achieve water oil balance, repair the skin’s natural barrier, and restore the skin to a healthy and translucent state.


Product Description

(1)Suitable for Skin Naturally

This treatment contains some of the best skin healing compounds available in a blend of natural plant essential oils. This product is completely safe for use by adults. This product has some sediment, please shake it well before use.

(2)Specifically Targets Molluscum

We created a molluscum removing powerhouse by every oil. Each oil has properties that help kill molluscum. Combined together, those itchy bumps don’t have a chance!

(3)For Acute and Chronic Molluscum

We made sure to test our formula on both new and chronic cases of molluscum –and it works for both! It’s never too late to attack molluscum with our product To deal with Labs

Additional information

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